Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Son of the Utah Pioneers, Part II

Having tagged my Mormon Pioneer Ancestors with the National Park Service Mormon Trail logo (non-commercial, fair use of trademark), I thought I would show you how that looks on my Ancestry.com Family Tree. I went back a generation to pick up more of them, so first my paternal and then my maternal tree:

Vaughn Family Mormon Pioneers arriving in Utah 1847-1869
You would have to click on the arrow after John Vaughan on the top to pick up Eleanor Jenkins Vaughan, handcart pioneer of 1856. Adding her in with all the other official buffalo skulls makes a dozen pioneers on my Dad's side.

For my Mom:

Peterson Pioneers, 1847-1869 marked with Mormon Trail Buffalo Skulls
And just the opposite here, clicking on the bottom arrow for Ann Shaw, you will find her mother Ellen Fletcher with a buffalo skull for a total of eight pioneers.

It's not that anybody's counting, but as a non-native born Utahn (correct spelling regardless of spell-check), I an say like Aunt Eller in Oklahoma, "I'm not saying I'm better than anybody else. But I'll be danged if I ain't just as good!"

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