Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Son of the Utah Pioneers

Finally, after checking and double-checking, I think I have the definitive list of my Mormon Pioneer Ancestors (those arriving in Utah between 1847-1869, including the few who didn't stay. . . .)

I have them all identified on my Ancestry.com "glvaughn" tree with the icon for the Mormon Pioneer Trail having lifted it from the Federal Register (OK, don't tell anybody at my work - but at least it's not for commercial trademark exploitation).

And here's the list. You may note no "Vaughns" except that Elinor Jenkins was a widow going by Eleanor Vaughan when she came in 1856. So I even have that.

My Pioneer Names follow with links to the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database which is frequently updated with new information and sources:

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