Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 29, 2016

If You're in Ogden on Memorial Day . . .

For myself and my kids, I wanted to post about some of the ancestor graves in the Ogden Cemetery. I went two years ago with some of my dad's cousins and met a few more there. As I had remembered correctly (though my wife still made me check the cemetery plot map online before we drove around), our Vaughans, and coincidentally, our Wheelwrights are on 10th Street, just to the East of the entrance on Ninth. For the big Thomas and Isabella Vaughan monument turn right down Tenth to the Vaughan marker on the left or East. You will see several other of Thomas and Isabella's family including the Burnetts who did a lot of family history.

The large marker for Thomas (1850-1894) and Isabella (1858-1919)
My Great Grandfather, George Robert Vaughn, born in England (1886-1951)

My Great Grandparents had been technically divorced although they maintained close ties with the family and each other. However, Great Grandma Ellis Rice (Ruth) Bybee Vaughn is buried up to the North on Tenth, on the West side near the Wheelwright Family graves.

Ellis Rice (Ruth) Bybee Vaughn 1889-1966. She is one of those I was privileged to meet in life.
Next to her is her son, Kim, who died in a climbing accident in the canyons, 1939.
She has a flag as the mother of a Veteran, Don Vaughn, Bronze Star, WWII.
In front of Grandma Ruth is her mother, Elizabeth Adelaide Rice Bybe Pilcher (1856-1945). Her first husband died when she was only 37, so she remarried with Edward Pilcher. She was born in Farmington and died in Layton, so we claim her as a Davis County Girl. And she has a pioneer marker on her monument as she was born in Utah before the railroad, so that counts.

Elizabeth Adelaide Rice Bybee Pilcher (1856-1945).
My Great Grandparents Wheelwright, whom I knew pretty well, are right up by the Vaughans at the top of 10th.

John Hyrum (1882-1963) and Mary Mourina Roman Wheelwright (1883-1972). (From 2014).
Our serendipitous discovery was to find the Roman Family graves as we first entered the cemetery on the right side of 9th Street. 

Daniel B. Roman (1851-1924). Piedmontese Pioneer of 1855 as a young boy.

Gertruide ter Bruggen (1860-1910), came from Amsterdam across the ocean and then by train after 1869 so she does not count as a DUP forebearer (we have plenty of others). This is the Third Great Grandmother of my daughter who, with a genetic leap of five generations, bears a striking resemblance:

Gertruide, or maybe my youngest daughter.
Now we need to find a few more Wheelwrights.

Family. It's what it's all about.

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