Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 27, 2015


This is a new blog to collect all the blog postings that I already have about my own family history that do not fit on my principal family history blog: John and Elinor Vaughan Descendants.

The Vaughan Family has been my principal focus of energy for most of my reasearch as I feel a responsibility for my surname and paternal Y Chromosome. And I have many other stories of other ancestors to share that I will cut and past from my slowly dying main blog and new ones as they are created.

So, dedicated to my Peterson Cousins along with a lot of Wheelwrights, Rices, Bybees, Easterlings, Ridges, Wrights, Staples, and on and on and on, here we go!

Guest submissions are welcome. You can contact me directly at grant[.]vaughn[@]gmail[.]com.

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